Friday, October 29, 2010

Why she gets the expensive chocolate milk

Disruptions and I do not get along. I'm a bit more tied to routine that I care to admit. So when my Scottish Wife wants to get things done around the house, it's best for me to stay away until she's finished.

This week's project was the bedroom floor. It's been a mess forever covered with ugly carpet (which she tore out) then a hideous dark gray wood floor. I can understand why she hated it.

Last week we ventured out to the big box home repair store and purchased enough floor laminate to cover the ugly. Wednesday night I helped lug some of the heavier stuff out of the room while she killed a warren of dust bunnies.

Yesterday a couple of people came over to put the flooring in. They did an excellent job.

Don't look at any part of the walls, we know they need paint. She's also got an idea of wallpaper in her lovely head. She's painted the kitchen and dining room and is fully capable of getting the house to where she wants it. One room at a time.

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