Sunday, May 27, 2012

91 degrees at 2:42

Even with the ceiling fan on, it is too damn hot to sit in the back room today. I used to have a lot of tolerance for heat. Age, and living for too long where I did not have air conditioning has weakened my resolve so I turn into a lazy, cranky git when the temperature goes over ninety degrees.

It does not help that my son has forgotten to sleep past 4AM. We even set up a mattress for him in our room since it has a/c. I do not want him sleeping in a hot bedroom. His repayment to us is to wake up singing before the birds.

This morning the power went out. It got really quiet, except for my son. I noticed the ceiling fan was off, looked at the clock and the screen was dark. Grabbed my iPod. It was 3:21AM. A couple of minutes later, the power came back on.

Last week's appointment with the behavioral psychologist went well. His OT is off the team, we've lost confidence in her. The behaviorist can't teach him how to chew, we know this, but she has some techniques to get him to tolerate a variety of food. We'll see.

The immature mourning doves are still hanging out by the recycling bin. Yesterday morning they greeted me.

It's been neat having them around. I'd name them, but the moment that happens they'll get eaten by a cat or fly off to their grown up mourning dove lives or whatever they do when mom stops puking in their mouths. I have not seen them today. See? Just by thinking about it, they disappear.

Busy week ahead, and The Arts Festival is next weekend. The weather is supposed to be good, the temperatures lower, at least.

My wife and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary on Wednesday, we'll be at WB. We'll have a nice dinner out on Thursday.

My son's last day of third grade is on Thursday, day camp starts on June 11th. Where the hell did May go?

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