Thursday, May 24, 2012

Food can heal

A lingering headache had me leaving work early today. Needed some food and did not want to go to a drive through. Also wanted something different. Thought about a taco truck, but them remembered another place on the East Side of town that people have been saying very good things about for years.

Creole Kitchen is in a part of town I do not normally go to. It's in a strip center, and it's not that easy to find. Just look for the place on the Mt. Vernon Ave. side of the center that does not have a sign. See that crowd of people? You're there.

My knowledge of Louisiana cuisine is limited. I could not tell you the difference between Creole and Cajun. When I walked in a saw the menu on the wall my eyes glazed over a little. Not because of fear, or seeing unfamiliar dishes, but because I wanted to eat everything. It hurt to have to settle on one thing. I could have ordered a couple of half orders, but I'll save myself for the next visit, and there will be one. They even serve breakfast, and I want to try a beignet, and the jambalaya and the wings and a po' boy...

Ended up ordering the Fettuccine Creole, a pasta dish with a spiced up sauce and generous portions of ham and sausage. I ate half for lunch, and will have the rest for dinner. It is delicious. A bargain for ten bucks.

There are four small tables and six chairs in the small space. It's run down, no frills. It's bustling, but the staff are very friendly and the cooks know what they're doing. I'm trying to get over the guilt about not going here sooner. If this was in a trendier location in the city, there would be lines out the door, reservations would have to be made weeks in advance, and the prices would be higher.

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