Monday, May 21, 2012

An overwhelming series of events

Saturday, after my son's swimming lesson, we came out of the locker room. We walked by the head of the swimming program for the building, and she was visibly upset. She told us she just found out that the mother of one of the lifeguards died very suddenly a few minutes before. The lifeguard was working and got the phone call from her father. The woman was watering flowers in her garden and dropped dead. Just like that, not much older than me. As we left the building after I expressed my condolences, I heard people sobbing.

This morning I saw the name of a coworker in the obituary column. I knew she was ill, but few knew it was cancer. She was always friendly and professional in my dealings with her. She led me to get my Christmas through the OSU farm every year. Going to miss her. Only fifty seven. The workplace was numb today. I suspect it will be for a brief time.

My expression of skepticism regarding my son's appointment with the nutritionist resulted in a strongly worded six page letter from his OT. She pointed a bit of blame toward his caregivers in her reasons to send this letter. That we're not doing the work. Said that he has shown little progress and has she's essentially given up on him unless me meet certain conditions. The conditions are not unreasonable, but she made other statements, including her belief that my son will never be able to chew food and get nutrition from it. How can you trust a therapist with that much pessimism? How can you think she's willing to invest in any more improvement for him? We have an appointment with his behaviorist on Wednesday. Could be tense.

So questioning the methods of a medical professional results in a six page diatribe. Yes, there is a problem.

In happier news there are a couple of good records out right now including this one from Beach House.

This is lovely dream pop. really fine record with nary a bad cut on it.

I'm also pleased with the new one from Admiral Fallow.

Have a feeling this band is going to increase their audience a lot this year.

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