Thursday, May 10, 2012

Underwhelming at best

Today my son had an appointment with a nutritionist. We were told to arrive early, and with a food chart of what he ate over a four day period.

I got to the information desk where I was to check in and was treated rather obnoxiously by the customer service rep, "You're going to have to wait."

"Well I was told to arrive early."

Was also told we would be billed if we arrived more than twenty minutes late.

The nutritionist finally showed up, twenty minutes after our scheduled appointment time.

Her main solutions to my son's condition were vitamin supplements and Duocal, an expensive powder of chemicals and empty calories. We've been hearing this for years. My son detects things if you put them in his food, and will not eat, at all, once he's found them.

I wonder if this specialist actually read his file.

She also suggested we put the food we eat in a blender and see if he'll eat that.

Wow, what a new approach. Again. Did you read the file?

I know this specialist's role does not concern him actually eating, but the amount of vitamins and calories that go into my son's body. I heard nothing new today, and my time was mostly wasted. I did get a couple of tips on supplements that I am going to get for him.

For now though, for me it's Mellow Corn.

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