Monday, May 14, 2012

Recapping a busy weekend

Saw the Avengers on Friday night. An hour and a half of exposition that leads to an hour of carnage as a good portion of Midtown Manhattan is destroyed. Very entertaining, no wonder it has taken in a billion worldwide already.

Walked around the Short North on Saturday and may have found an object we've been looking for to go into the dining room.

Watched the Crew pay an ugly game on Saturday night, only to come out victorious.

Went to a newer place in the Arena District, the Three Legged Mare (dislike the name, but it's a festive enough place) on Sunday morning to watch Survival Sunday. Ten Premier League games going at once, seven being televised on U.S. outlets for the first time. A very dramatic morning of sports. I had nothing really at stake, (Everton ended up in seventh, finishing ahead of Liverpool. Yay!) but the race for the championship title came down to a dramatic goal by Sergio Aguero in the final seconds to give Manchester City the edge. It was incredible. A few dozen soccer fans, some of whom were Manchester United supporters all got caught up in the spirit of fair play and all that. Everyone called Joey Barton names. He should be banned, not given just a lengthy suspension.

Came up with an idea yesterday afternoon that had me tearing apart a behemoth of a computer desk, throwing it in the trash and arranging bulk pickup. We put the crap that was on the desk on bookshelves a friend gave us, and pitched out even more stuff. Now there's more wall space, and floor space which is reserved for an item we saw on Saturday. Watch this blog for further developments. It is a bit unsettling turning the corner into the dining room and seeing no desk. You get used to things after nine years.

This Friday I have a mini-feature at Kafe Kerouac. I'm taking part in an all night fund raiser for the Writers' Block poetry slam team to get them some dough for their trip to Charlotte in August. I'm hitting the stage at 10:30PM with some old and new. Going to be a fun night. 

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