Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hot August Night

Tonight we went to the Gallery Hop, which happens in the Short North on the first Saturday of every month. You always see something different amidst the sameness.

The obligatory car that costs six figures on the cap

That's one small sip for man, one big gulp for mankind.

My wife refused to let me buy this Apollo 11 stein!

Got to give the guy credit for trying on a busy sidewalk.

We skipped Jeni's and hit the new Whit's Custard, which recently opened. I like custard.

Even if I had the $3,500 to spend.


Stephanie Rond has a really cool mural up!

These guys called themselves the Ohio Flaggots and were awesome.

Ok, it's really Flaggots Ohio.

Could not get a full shot of this sweet car because the sidewalk had a lot of traffic. Rigsby's is crowded on Gallery Hop night.

It's a Buick Invicta from 1961 I believe. I do not think I've ever seen one before.  It was called a banker's hot rod and it is is amazing condition inside and out.

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