Friday, August 16, 2013

A Friday without fun

It's hard being traumatized while watching your child being traumatized. An odd circle of behavioral psychology and wanting your son to eat something.

Three very bad sessions today. He went under the table, would not sit down or eat. He threw food, put his hand in it to try and make it go away, screamed, pushed, tried to break spoons, attacked a tray, attempted iPad harm - all because he would not eat this.

Those are blended canned pears. Dip a spoon in and pull it out, that is what he would not put into his mouth.

Part of the treatment relies on him eating food in rotation, and he could not would not get past the rotation of pears mixed with bananas. He has eaten plenty of pears solo with no problem. The bananas he constantly eats pureed form the jar, these were fresh bananas. Session one he would not eat 25% bananas to 75% of pears. That was lowered to 10% bananas in session two. No go. This was the session where my son became extremely agitated and threw things.

There were no bananas in the pears during the third session, but the damage had been done and he would not eat them at all. He was calmer in his resistance during the third session.

He's at him mother's this weekend and she was instructed to let him eat whatever he wants, but no pears! She emailed me, said he asked for oatmeal, which she gave him plenty of along with blended canned peas, pudding and milk. He ate everything.

For last of a better word I'm shellshocked after witnessing these three sessions and drinking all of the gin.

Monday is another day.

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