Saturday, August 10, 2013

Should have stayed in the hangar

My son's doctors had an in-service day yesterday so there were no feeding sessions. It gave me a rare and needed day off this month. The weather was dreary so we went to the movies.

Last year we went to see Wreck it Ralph and my son seemed to have a decent enough time. Yesterday it was Planes. Hard to say if he liked it or not, he did cuddle up next to me for most of the film. Only in the last ten to fifteen minutes was when he got restless. Maybe this was because the movie was not very good, for kids or adults. Too many stereotypes. Too much technical flying jargon, I mean, I learned things but I think all the toys are going to be on the shelves on Family Dollar or Big Lots in a couple of months.

Week four of the feeding clinic went well. Got off to a rough start on Monday and Tuesday. He thought going under the table was better than eating, and he had one major meltdown for reasons unknown. He did better on Wednesday but went under the table with some unfinished milk in the afternoon. He peeked up at me a couple of times, but while I am in the room I cannot do anything or react. After about two minutes he sat back down, looked his doctor right in the eye and broke into a huge smile then finished his milk. He was trying to play us, and it did not work this time.

He's eating mushed up canned pears and peas and has started with apricots. Next week they're going to try him on a Hormel chicken and dumplings entree, blended. We'll see how that goes. Two weeks remain.

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