Sunday, August 4, 2013

Halfway through this part

My son is three weeks into his feeding program with three weeks to go. How's it going? Well, no one expected him to be munching on raw carrots or eating hot chicken wings at the end of it so he's doing alright.

Textures have been gradually introduced with more frequency. He's eating mashed up and blended diced pears, which have some serious grit to them (I've tried them) and mushed up canned peas (Had those too) with no resistance.

The last week has been ok. There have only been a couple of instances of him leaving the chair to sit under the table, and that was only for a couple of minutes. He's only complained once or twice and has not thrown or pushed any food away. He trusts the team more and has had no real outbursts. He's also been eating just about everything. He still needs to be prompted as his attention wavers frequently.

What has surprised and impressed me the most so far has been the amount of milk he's eagerly drinking. He rarely drank anything for me, a little more so at his mother's. He's been putting away over twelve ounces a day, which is a big change from zero.

Improvement has and will continue to be on the slow side, and he's going to need weekly therapy to keep up on this program when it is completed. I'm not really seeing a light at the end of this tunnel, but the ground feels a bit more solid under our feet.

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