Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gaming is free

Long gone are the video arcades in shopping malls and on High Street. Even as a kid, my addiction was not to video games, but a lot of quarters were spent on pinball.

Last night, a new establishment finally opened in Columbus, The 16 Bit Bar and Arcade is a classic video gamers cave of treasures. Many of the classic games, from Asteroids to Donkey Kong to Space Invaders are there, with free play, provided you drink.

There are also pinball machines, for fifty cents a play as the owners do not own those machines. It's an interesting place of nostalgia that will interest people of a certain age and others. We went early, and during the Ohio State football game to avoid the crowds and the space we had did not disappoint. While there were people there, and the game was on, there was no real wait for any of the games we wanted to play.

I hope they make it, the upkeep on these games, some of which are over thirty years old, is going to be difficult and their main source of income is only from beverages as there is no kitchen on premises. So do make purchases when you are there.

They're located at 254 South 4th Street, right by Dirty Franks.

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