Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Much left to do

Now that the feeding program is over and I no longer have to go to the hospital three days a week or work ten hour shifts there may be a sense of normalcy returning, at least until Arts Fest begins ramping up again. There will be weekly follow-ups at the hospital for the time being.

My son made progress. There are some new things he would not eat before. He is now eating blended, canned vegetables and fruit. He's also drinking a lot more milk.

What really surprised me is that he is eating Hormel Chicken and Dumplings.

He still has hiccups. Gagged on some apricots that where not blended to his liking and had a fit at school when the chicken and dumplings had a piece of chicken that was not liquified. This coming from a kid who will eat peas that are as thick as guacamole.

School started for him yesterday. Aside from him getting out of his bed and me finding him sleeping at the top of the stairs at 3AM, he seemed to adjust well. Maybe I will.

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