Friday, May 16, 2014

A monster's work is never done

After a hiccup in the filling of my prescription, a return and remaking I finally got my sunglasses from Lookmatic today.

Two weeks ago I got the glasses but knew something was screwed up immediately as I could not see a thing out of them. I immediately shipped them back and asked if I could send them a picture of my prescription so they could work off that. After some polite communication from their customer service department I was informed that my glasses were shipped out on Tuesday.

Today I received them and was a bit nervous because I did not want this to be screwed up again. I wanted these sunglasses!

And I could see! Could read the Lookmatic on the case, took out the trash and recycling without tripping on the steps. Drove to Dirty Franks West for dinner while wearing them, they work.

What I do not like is the case, it's too rectangular and does not slip into an inside jacket pocket easily. I have other cases to use though. So with a bit of hassle that was easily resolved it's an $85 purchase that was well worth it.

I did not wear them to the movies tonight though. We saw Godzilla, which is a fun summer blockbuster and not much more. The action and fight sequences were quite entertaining and well done. The director saved a mutant lizard trick for a very fine moment. The actors, for the most part, stood around and looked very worried about the destruction that was happening all around them. There's a lot of Jaws in this film, I mean, the lead character's last name is Brody. There are scores of other film references that are actually a nice surprise to see when they happen, it's not over the top but a slow reveal. It's a popcorn film with a heart that does not cheat or insult the audience. There should have been more monsters fighting and ripping ass though.

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