Monday, May 26, 2014

Male America loves guns more than people

The hits just keep coming don’t they? A few days ago an irresponsible journalist named Terrence McCoy published this sensationalist click bait disguised as a news story.  The following poem, that I wrote over two years ago is a bit foreshadowing.

Also that idiot stabbed three people in his apartment then drove around as he shot three more. The family lawyer brings up Aspbergers and too many people say “see?” Guy was nuts, hated women and had an extremely false sense of entitlement. Few are saying another man with a gun is a mass murderer. My condolences to all the families who lost loved ones in this tragedy.

Children in Cells

Mr. President, Chairman, Dignitaries.

Your children are one cell division away from being biologically imprisoned for life
They look like you, us,  but cannot speak for themselves;
So we as their parents, advocates and caregivers have to speak for them
While their country is abandoning them, and so many others, behind a layered war jester mask of compassion,
You ladies and gentlemen, claim the country is going bankrupt and we can no longer afford entitlements
Yet, so are these parents whose insurance is not good enough to care for their children
When a bean counter says a five year old child with an eating disorder will not be covered because food is not medically necessary but rubber stamps lap band surgery on a teenager, can’t you see there’s a problem?
Or are you all too occupied with taking profits in weapons and misery to see families fall apart?

This condition is said to effect one in one hundred
One in one hundred and fifty
Proportion does not matter when they will add up to millions.
These children will not be locked up in attics any longer
You will see them at tables in restaurants you frequent
You will sit next to them in coffee shops and artisan ice cream parlors
You will not be able to placate them with incompetent ventriloquist promises as empty as your soul
You have closed the institutions you once locked them in
You have eliminated funding for safe group homes for them to live
You will not be able to put them in jail unless you manufacture crimes of the innocent, and I am not putting it past you that you will try

It hurts to love, when what is damaged, is yours.
What you helped create, what you will not see to completion before you die - when the land he belongs to will not assist as his hand is stretched, hoping for some help
Receiving nothing but a platitude and talking point by another deceiver

At night before you sleep, you will hear all their babbling whispers
They will be telling you they’re growing up
Autistic toddlers turn into autistic teenagers turn into autistic adults
There will be multitudes of them waking you
At dawn, you will hear their cries for understanding and acceptance
Before you dream you will get on your eggshell knees, grateful you are not their parent
When you are awake, you will ignore them all
When you leave your tinted window enclave, you will be run over by a steamroller of the silent, 
Just because your victims cannot pick you out of a lineup, does not make you any less a criminal
Even then you will remain ignorant of all the mistakes you continue to make

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