Thursday, May 1, 2014

With the 16th pick...

Sitting here watching the Canadiens/Bruins series and seeing some things going on in front of the crease of the Montreal net are downright felonious. Of course I'd want to see the Blue Jackets playing this weekend, but it was not meant to be as they lost their series, valiantly, to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

It was a six game series that saw The Blue Jackets win their first playoff game, ever, then their second. But the seventh game of the first round did not happen as they spotted the Penguins four goals before starting a furious rally that left them one goal short, and out of the playoffs with a four games to two defeat.

Of course they spotted the Penguins three goals in one of their wins, an overtime victory that may have been the greatest game in franchise history.

But you can't let a team get ahead of you by three/four goals and expect to win.

Still, this team did their best and left the ice with their pride intact and the franchise in the best place for the future it has ever been. A fan base is growing as they claim The Fifth Line as their motto.

There is finally more than hope, but genuine talent on this team. There is also depth in most positions and potential youth developing to replace players. Management has a plan. A plan that is working.

There is going to be some change in the off season. There are a few players who leave that will surprise. Players may be traded. Free agents will be brought in. Talent from the farm system will challenge to make the team. The defense needs tweaking. A player or two who has offensive skill that can penetrate and make plays against a stifling defense will be called in to help. These will not be major changes, but improvements to a team on the rise.

Finally, the Columbus Blue Jackets compete every night against any team and win more than they lose.

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