Friday, May 30, 2014

No really, do not do this

Made an appointment on Tuesday to have my car repaired today. Took the car in at 8AM, gave them an idea of what the problem was. At 11AM I got a phone call with the diagnosis and quote, and was told the repair would be done today.

At 2PM I got a phone call saying the car could not be fixed today. The part came late, the guy who called me was mistaken blah blah blah.

Picked up the car and got an apology, which is not going to fix my car. I'm pressed for time over the next few weeks, they knew this, so I made an appointment with another shop. Told them I had no choice but to take my business elsewhere.

Ran some errands before going home and had a message from the owner on the answering machine (yes, I still have one of those), who wants to talk to me about my dissatisfaction and he ended the call with, "Hope you're having a nice day."

Uh, no way. Not even close.

Not going to call back today. Maybe Monday morning. Maybe.

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