Tuesday, April 28, 2015

After four funerals, finally a wedding

So much craziness in the world right now. It felt good to be at a gathering last weekend that was a celebration of life and not a funeral. It was the recognition of a same sex couple who are in love and committed. Sadly, not a legal marriage as this state (on the wrong side of history) will not allow it at this time. We'll see what the Supreme Court decides later this year.

It hits close to home for me as a family member is in the same situation with her partner. America has many problems, gay marriage should not be one of them.

It was a beautiful ceremony full of song and life and cute ring bearers and flower children. When I was looking at the program, I saw there were poems of Andrea Gibson's being read. "Who is going to read her poems?" I wondered to myself.

Well I got the answer.

That was the surprise they pulled on most of us. All I'll say about it is that friends have connections. It was amazing.

It was an honor to be invited to see my friends unite and commit to each other publicly. One day soon, it will be legal.

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