Friday, April 17, 2015

Jumping on bandwagons

Businesses change hands or open and close all the time. Such is life in any day and age. In my twenty five years in this city I've seen a lot of shops come and go - I've also seen a lot sustain themselves and grow. Some of these places I try to frequent as much as possible. There are also some I've never been to. The week I've had the opportunity to go to three establishments I've walked or driven by many times. It's like I've made new friends.

The Short North Tavern has been in its location for at least thirty years. There seems to be a very loyal following of regulars taking part in the cheap drinks. The place has real dartboards, which tells me they have an established and older crowd. The food is cheap and plentiful, but you do not go there for the food. A two dollar happy hour gin and tonic will definitely make me return.

Another place with real dartboards is the Char Bar. How it's kept it's location in the highly developed area right next to the new Hilton astonishes me. It's a rather seedy but charming dive bar with a great window for people watching those on High Street or going to the Convention Center. I'm not sure on drink prices, but I plan on hitting their patio for one of their Long Island Ice Teas when the time is right.

After driving by it on my way home for the past twelve years I finally stopped in Thurn's. They've been in business for aver 130 years. Hours are odd, but that's because they cure their own meats. And what meat it is! The very friendly guy behind the counter gave me a slice of their pastrami that was outstanding. It's aftertaste lingered on the ride home so pleasantly I almost turned around to get more. Next week I'm getting a loaf of good rye bread to go with that pastrami.

There are always new places to go in this city, but sometimes the fun in life is finding what's been here and enjoying what everyone else has for years. These are they places that make Columbus a great place to live.

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