Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Working at home

Took on the unenviable task of cataloging my record collection this past week. A lot of dust. A lot of memories. Lost a lot through downsizing and a basement flood. Kept a few records that show flood damage, should probably replace them at some point. The work involved a lot of bending and peering at serial numbers. Put it all onto the Discogs online database, which is fairly simple to use. Most of my collection was already in there so all I had to do was punch up the serial number. Many of my Beatles bootlegs are on file, as were my weird Uruguayan imports.

Discogs is also a place you can sell your records, but I have no plans on doing that. A lot of the vinyl does have an assigned value based on previous sales, if there have been any. The prices do seem to fluctuate quite a bit so I can't take their value too seriously. It is good to have a tangible file of my collection available that gives forty years of my life more context than simply putting it all on a spreadsheet.

When I finished the records my wife asked if they took CDs as well, so I ended up putting them all in too. This was a bit easier as most of what we have had a bar code, so searching was very easy.

She brought over a lot of interesting discs from the olde country. I do believe we now have the largest collection of records from The Pastels in the United States.

If we catalog the books, she gets to do that, it's too close to work for me.

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