Friday, April 17, 2015

Subject line - My Intent

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Ghanaian citizen and it happened that my family had a Gold concession, though we are into small scale mining, But we want to sell (350kg) of Gold that we have in stock in order to purchase mining equipments.

The equipments we need for now are excavators, bulldozers and washing machine for our mining work and we are willing to put up our gold dust for sale at a very good local price for us to be able to purchase these equipments. The fact of the mater is that, whoever we will hand over this product to sell on our behalf, will also be the person to manage all subsequent shipments of gold we hope to send overseas.

I want you to take up this process and be in the position to manage this transaction for us villagers. The brand of machinery we need is CAT/CATERPILLAR.

The good thing is that, whatever price we give to you is what we will expect to be use to purchase the machines, whatever you are able to sale above our selling price will be shared among you and me.

Let me hear from you as soon as possible to know how we can move forward.

Best Regards,

Francis Acheampong.

Does this mean Francis and his buddies are going to come over and landscape my property?

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