Monday, April 6, 2009

Afternoon Snack

Called off work today so I kept sleeping this morning. Feeling better, still a bit out of balance.

When I went to Wise Choice in Huber Heights a couple of weeks back I picked up something I may have heard my girlfriend talk about in passing, or maybe some other Brit. Jaffa Cakes.

I saw the box and was intrigued by the prospects of putting "orangey center yippee!" cakes with "the squidgy orange bit" into my body. But life is all about risks, especially when it comes to British food. Do Jaffa Cakes come deep fried?

They're pretty darn tasty, and all the orangey goodness on a cake is there as advertised on the box. You can't have one of them at a time either, and I only have two left!

Washed down with a fresh can of Lilt, and your late day sugar rush is complete.

I first tried Lilt over the summer after finding a can at Jungle Jim's. Was not sure of the freshness of the can as it was the last one there. It was also dented and tasted a bit off.

Not so this one. All the tangyness of the grapefruit is balanced with the pineapple and citrus to make a perfectly refreshing beverage. This can was made in Ulster (with real sugar) and I'm not sure if it's made anywhere else besides Northern Ireland.

Still have a couple of untouched bottles of Irn-Bru and she's bringing more when she gets here, maybe with extra Jaffa Cakes too.

I'm lucky to have found some Passover Coke this year as well. Look for the two liter bottles with the yellow cap (they're Kosher) and send me one!


Laughingrat said...

Jaffa Cakes are fabulous. It's been years since I had one, thanks for the reminder!

Emma said...

I'll bring you some goodies love :)

last year's girl said...

Mmm, Jaffa Cakes and Irn Bru. Lots of toxic orange goodness. We get Lilt over here too!

Link said...

I've had the Jaffa cakes before, but not this Lilt...I must seek it out the next time I'm at Jungle Jim's!

On a slightly different subject, did you see that the Dayton Bombers went under?

The Guy You Thought Was Rude said...

More goodies yes! There's going to be an Irn-Bru post before the end of the month. And yes Link, try the Lilt.

I saw the Bombers folded, I suspect a team will be back in a year or two.