Friday, April 10, 2009

Totally bummed

Word has come out that Nancy's, a local Columbus restaurant, is closing on June first

This is one of the good things about Columbus. I bring people from out of town here. It's one of the few greasy spoon places in the city. The clientele is diverse. Homeless eat here, the city attorney eats here, hockey players eat here. I eat here after I get my haircut at Lucky 13 next door. It's one place to get a true cross section of the people in this city. Columbus is all about Nancy's.

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And on June first it ends.

Cindy was a hard working woman who gave a lot of food away to people who could not afford her already cheap meals and helped those who needed it, especially the elderly. I'm very, very sad to see it end like this.

I'm left at a loss for words, and for what to do.


Emma said...

That's really sad :(

bantling said...

What a shame. It must be a heartbreaking loss for all.