Sunday, April 26, 2009

Girl, do you ever blink?

I bought a VCR at a friend's garage sale yesterday. I was not sure it worked, but the price was worth the risk. Heck, the RCA cable I bought cost more than the player.

Hooked it up and it seems to work ok. I played the first few minutes of A Hard Day's Night because it embodies all that is good in the world. It's a nice thing to have when my son needs a desperate form of entertainment. There's a lot of kids stuff on tape here, and we'll probably go through it to see what still plays and what does not.

Something I did play for him today is a personalized Dora the Explorer video. I think his grandmother or great-grandmother bought it for him when he was two or three.

He's been walking around the house with the tape in his hand. Looking at it with longing. And I felt bad because I had nothing to play it on.

Just so you know. I hate Dora. Her blank stare. Her learned helplessness. Her lack of self reliance. Her lame friends. Can't stand the kid. But, for my son, I make sacrifices. So I played the tape.

He payed some attention to it. It's a special episode and his name is edited in so it sounds like nails on a chalkboard. One of his old pictures is used in a major plot point. It's kind of cool, sweet and creepy all at once.

A lot may be happening this week. A lot is happening this week. April is leaving in a spring. May 2009 is going to be one busy month.

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