Saturday, April 18, 2009

As the Blue Jackets Lose, Again.

Returned home safe and sound from Long Island today. Put the bags down and checked the answering machine (yes, I still have one of those) and there was a message from an old Live Journal pal. Ziggy was in town for the day, and was at Goodale Park. So I got some food into my son and headed out there, still unpacked. It was good to finally meet her and her son.

Getting laundry done, and plotting a cleaning schedule. Even organized some poems, as June is just around the corner and May is going to be a whirlwind of activity. I'll be getting blown all over the place just like at Robert Moses yesterday.

Surf was up. It was bright, cold and windy out there.

We had a very good time east. Saw some people we have not seen in awhile. Parents look good. My son was quite social, to the delight of my Mom. I cannot say enough how good he was. He behaved beautifully, through layovers and waiting in line to being driven around in an electric car by a seven year old girl - he was wonderful and I'm so proud of him.

Hope I can stay up to watch the webcast of Glasvegas at Coachella. Big day tomorrow as the FA Cup semifinals are on. Go Everton. Please?


Laughingrat said...

Glad you got there and back again, and had a wonderful time to boot.

I may be getting time off to see the Cinevent features at the Wex, w00t!

The Guy You Thought Was Rude said...

It was an excellent trip.

Yay precode for everyone!

schroederjt said...

The Jackets are making me crazy.

marybindc said...

Everton heard your plea!

Someone Said said...

If the Jackets lose tomorrow, it's going to be a sweep.

Yes! Everton! The game was horrible, but Moyes and the guys pulled it out against Man. U's UNder 21 team.