Sunday, June 28, 2009

And the dog paid my wife 13-1

I went to Pittsburgh having no idea what it was like, or what to expect. It was an easy and leisurely drive there with a view that blows you away the moment you go through the Fort Pitt tunnel and downtown assaults your senses. It's rather amazing.

We went up the inclines, the Monongahela and Duquesne, which give you the best views of any city's skyline that I have ever seen.

We had a great time walking around the compact and sometimes confusing downtown. If you ever have an opportunity to stay at the William Penn Hotel, do it. The service is first rate and worth every penny.

We met up with a friend, who gave us the locals tour of parts of the city. Somehow, when we get together, we are encountered by people who like to talk about themselves, who we can't seem to get rid of either. We also went onto the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. I wanted to see the remains of Forbes Field, where the Pirates used to play. Home plate is inside one of the campus buildings. It was supposed to be in it's original location, but that would put it inside a women's restroom, so it had to be moved a little so the public can see it.

Some of the outfield walls are still preserved.

We also hit the Cathedral of Learning, a large edifice that I think Ayn Rand would have had a suite in.

Nothing like that on the OSU campus I can assure you.

I cannot emphasize how picturesque the city is.

On the way back to Columbus, we stopped in Wheeling to see the casino and the dog races. We bet on one race and my wife's dog came in 13-1. I did not do so well. We played the slots and saw every senior citizen in the state of West Virginia before leaving for home. Then we get home to find out Comfest turned into Altamont, Billy Mays died in his sleep, and Michael Jackson is still dead.

Can't wait to have more time to see the city, it's only three hours away.


bantling said...

The next time you are in Pittsburgh, stop in the Carnegie Science Center. They have a great kids section too.

And don't forget to say "yinz" at least once while you're there!

Someone Said said...

I did not hear yinz spoken once, maybe we were in the wrong part of town?

We drove by the science center. Pittsburgh likes dinosaurs, and fountains.