Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hey Hey in the Hayloft

News is breaking that Christiano Ronaldo has been transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid for the record sum of eighty million pounds. I think that gives Real Madrid the right to replace AIG as Man. U's sponsor.

Made reservations in the city of bridges a couple weeks from now. Never really been there, and she certainly has not so we're looking forward to inclines.

Got some expected bad news regarding our central air unit. Kaput.

TCM was having a Preston Sturges marathon last night. Caught the last half of the Lady Eve and all of Sullivan's Travels, which she had not seen. Such wonderful dialogue and McCrea and Lake were wonderful together.


Teri said...

I've never seen Sullivan's Travels either. What's a Sturges marathon without Unfaithfully Yours?

Someone Said said...

It's essential, along with Hail the Couquering Hero.

Unfaithfully Yours was quite painful for me to watch. Rex Harrison = one of my least favorite actors. Plus, Sturges was seriously burning out.