Sunday, June 7, 2009

Arts Fest Weekend

What a beautiful day to be outdoors. The temperature was perfect. There was a light breeze that took away one of Louise's poems just as she started it. Mikelle did a great reading. Here are the top three Arts Festival Poets of 2009.

It is very humbling to be on the same podium as Mikelle and Louise, and they're so much better looking than I am!

Here's the set list

It Was an Old Book
River Walk
The Tiles
After Birth
The Children of Dunblane as Teenagers
For Daredevils
Art Exhibit Opening
They Hate Your Blog

IRN-BRU is used as a prop/crutch/cause for banter between poems. I thought it went well. A good crowd was paying attention. Did not see the police car that pulled up behind me as I was reading but the helicopter that buzzed over head threw me off a bit.

After the reading someone came up to me, said I did well and (not to be offended) compared me to this guy.

I took the compliment. I'm not up there doing Holiday in Cambodia. He said I looked like him a bit as well. I'm not so sure there's a resemblance between me and Jello Biafra though!

Today we found the boy a cool sand and water activity set. It's very, very hard buying anything for him. You do not know if he will ignore it, be afraid of it, or use it. The smile on his face as he ran his hands though the sand said it all. He's a great kid.

I'm a bit relieved to have done a good thing for him.


Laughingrat said...

Congrats on the set! That activity kit looks fantastic, too.

Someone Said said...

The activity set is wicked cool. Finally found something he's interested in, tracking sand on the lawn :)

It was a fine set.