Sunday, June 14, 2009

You can have a cell phone and that's ok, but not me

Oh yes Jonathan Richman was a blast last night. He played at the Summit, a north campus dive I've never been in.

Vic Chesnutt opened. I'd never seen him before. Emma did in Edinburgh. I could not get a good picture of him. Heck, all the pictures I took last night were poor because of the stage and the bad lighting, but it was a great show.

It was the third time I'd seen him, and this was the loosest. He showed some mad guitar skills and sang a lot of Spanish songs. He also did 'Give Paris One More Chance" which is one of my favorites of his.

Ran into a former coworker and his wife and it was good to see them.

It was the first concert my wife and I attended together, supposed to be Camera Obscura in a couple of weeks but this one came out of nowhere. First show I'd been to since Jandek. It's been awhile. Ended up at Waffle House after the show, which let out about 12:30. Got to see a girl fight over a stolen purse. Bit of everything last night.

Bit of shopping today then staying put.


Teri said...

Yay! I've seen him twice, and my favorite was a really loose show at the Grand Emporium in KC. We all sat on the floor around him and his guitar. Beautiful!

Someone Said said...

You sat and he did not make you stand up and dance? He was not like that in Buffalo :)