Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pictures are stll trickling in

We got some lovely video that Tyrone took. Funny guests, saying nice things, bless them.

Found out yesterday that the place where we had the rehearsal dinner is closing in a couple of weeks is closing due to the economy. It's a shame. We did not actually go to Handke's, but Encore, their small plates bistro, which was only open for a short time.

Emma and I scoped the place out about ten days before the wedding. I called them and asked about whether or not they could accommodate large parties. They said yes and we made the reservation.

Everyone had a good time. It was not very busy. Our only critiques were that the server really would have been overwhelmed if it were busy and that the music was a bit loud. The food was good. Some people had the Handke's desserts and the check was not as large as you'd think.

I'll close with the periodic reminder that I will be a featured poet this weekend at the Columbus Arts Festival. I start at the poetry tent at six o'clock. The weather should be great. Please come!

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