Saturday, June 13, 2009

Busy times

There will be a lot of pictures coming up. Be warned.

Here's one of the boy playing with his sand and water thingy. He was still using it, even a few days later!

Finding toys that he plays with has been a difficult and sometimes frustrating process. He's been perfectly content rolling an empty can of Pringles around so this made us very happy.

Thursday night Em' and I went bowling. It's been years since either of us went and I was so out of practice, but beer makes everything fun.

I've been bowling for about 35 years. That may be the only photograph of me bowling. My shoulders are way off. Bad form.

Last night we went to Alana's for our post wedding and between birthday dinner. Food was excellent, wine very good. I had this for dessert.

Damn good pie!

Ended up at Encore for a nightcap, when I was poured a very devastating measure of Laphroaig.

This morning we found, thanks to CU, a very cool produce store on the near east side. Arena Produce is off St. Clair Avenue and selling good quality produce at very reasonable prices.

Then it was off to the Park of Roses. No official festival due to lack of sponsorship, but the roses are in bloom.

Once again people see me as being nice and not a sociopath by coming up to me and asking if I'd take their picture. At least they were not asking for directions!

I liked this picture of the ladybug (state insect) on the hop plant. It's not a ladybird, as my Scottish wife calls it! Humbug!

Then there was this invasive photo.

Taking a picture of a mother taking a picture of her baby daughter in the park. Shameless!

Got the lawn mowed. She's out front tilling the field. Later we're going to Jonathan Richman and Vic Chesnutt.

Two other places we've been: Bob's Bar, it's south of Graceland on High Street. Cool atmosphere. Relatively quiet. Great draft and bottled beer selection. The Pita Hut and Grille. Next to Bob's Bar. Loved the chicken sandwich, she loved the tabouli, as we left they gave us dessert on the house. Cheap and great.

Tomorrow we breathe out, a little.

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