Monday, June 1, 2009

Pictures are trickling in, more coming soon

The out of town guests are no longer our responsibility. They have flown, drove away or are being taken to the airport by other friends.

I'm really, really grateful we had such good friends and family here to help, share, support and have a really great time this past week.

Her father and sister were here for eight days and they had a wonderful time. We got to take them to many different parts of the city and they seemed to be happy where their daughter and sister was going to be living. Her dad was very inquisitive about traffic laws in Ohio and noted the sizes of the automobiles. One of my favorite moments of the week was when he ordered a Bud at the rehearsal dinner and got it served to him in a frosted mug.

Her sister is wonderful. We have to find a brother-in-law and sister-in-law day to give us something to celebrate.

So many traveled great distances and came to see our wedding at no small expense. We're blessed to have such great people around us.

My left leg has a nasty scrape and the bottom of my right thigh has an incredible bruise from when I fell down the steps. I still have no clue what happened. At least I did not knock Lisa over. The first person to come see if I was alright was Louise's six year old son. He should be a paramedic.

More on our wedding as the week goes along. There's so much to remember. It was a perfect day in so many ways. We really could not have done it without Lynn's allowing us the use of her B&B. She is awesome. Harrison House is highly recommended.

The Lofts: there's a post for another time.


Louise said...

Emma and your wedding was so beautiful. Thank you for including us in your great day!

I didn't know you'd been hurt. But I must say, Andrew's first impulse, when *he* is scared or someone is hurt, is to protect. What a guy, huh?

I'll get the pictures off Carrie's camera this upcoming weekend and burn a cd for you.

Someone Said said...

Yes the disc would be great Louise!

You got a good kid there.