Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blocked, Lazy and Distracted

The actual writing has been on the back burner for the past couple of weeks. Nothing more than fragments. I have been doing some writing work, preparing for the audition for Arts Fest next week. Also been accomplishing things writers do, waiting for the right time to let that out. It's good stuff.

Slowly starting to feel better, whatever I had really took a toll. It's giving me a cough now, which is fine during the day but not at three in the morning.

My son is feeling better, which is quite the relief. We all went grocery shopping on Sunday, a full shop and we did not put him in the cart. He walked with me the whole time, up and down the aisles, very well behaved.

He had an excellent therapy session last week. His therapist was working with him on facial features and identification. She drew the figure on the lower left then helped him draw the head and eyes on the lower right. He, all by himself, drew in the nose, mouth and he carefully put the ears on.

Last night he pooped in the toilet so he got some iPod privileges. I have an app of facial emotion indicators that he likes. Why he laughs hysterically at the sad emotion is very amusing and disturbing. I try to get him to press on the face that corresponds with how he's feeling, he presses on sneezy, or gassy. Then I ask him to show me happy, and he presses on that one.

He also bounced heartily on the yoga ball, better that than my knees. Last night with him tonight after an exhausting two straight weekends with him. This last weekend though, more joy than challenges.

WoW starts tomorrow night. Last chance slam at Barley's. Starts at eight. No excuses, unless you're too chicken shit to confront truth.

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