Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Other things to be excited about

My son has been more like himself than he's been in weeks. His teacher is noticing he's less in his own world too. Maybe it was winter? The constant cold, dark and seasonal affective disorder. Something to remember for next year.

He's become very fond of the iPod Touch. While the app is not great, it was free and he's enjoying pressing the buttons and looking at the faces. I'm still looking at other apps, and presenting them to him to see what he thinks. For now, he merely likes pressing the buttons for the reaction, without getting much meaning.

In other news we have booked our trip to Scotland. Flying out in late August for nine days. Found a very good deal on tickets. Had to act now because prices have been so unstable. Saved a few hundred bucks by adding an additional layover in Amsterdam. So we fly out from Columbus, to Minneapolis, to Amsterdam and to Glasgow. No time to see any of the city, and I've been told the airport is very Dutch efficient and customs should be easy to get through to reach our connecting flight.

We're looking forward to having funs in the olde country.


Anonymous said...

I went through Amsterdam to Edinburgh. Did not have to go through customs in Amsterdam - just once I reached the UK. Oh, but you have a layover so maybe that's the difference.

Exciting to have booked the tickets. What a nice time to go.

- nammu

Someone Said said...

It's not much of a layover, less than two hours. Maybe we'll just be pointed in the direction of our gate. Who knows, we'll find out when we get there.

Anonymous said...

You won't have time to leave the airport I don't think - I had a six hour layover and they advised me against leaving. You can always hit the casino!

- nammu