Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drive Out Saturday

We went up to Glacier Ridge last night to watch the rise of the Super Moon.

It was no Comet Kohoutek, but it was no Hale-Bopp either.

A largish moon rose over some Mcmansions while we heard a lot of geese, ducks and birds preparing the moon to rise. Not much else happened. It did not tear a new one into the planet. We could have just as easily sat in our back room.

Auditioned for Arts Fest yesterday afternoon. I knew Scott Woods was going to be one of the judges, but I did not know Rose Smith was too. They sat there, very serious, buttressing two other judges all silent and shit. It was as if we had to impress them even more because it was such a lovely day out, and if they had to be inside then you had better give some damn good poetry.

Thought I did a decent reading. I was Poet 13, which made me laugh a bit, but just a little. It was a real audition and people were taking it seriously. Even the poet who had guitar backing and had the Five Stairsteps as a chorus.

Needed to get away from stuff after the audition so I drove east to a Bar-B-Q that my friends keep writing about on Facebook. Tried the pulled pork sandwich. It was good, but good enough to drive all the way out east for? I'm not sure. Drove south and got myself lost, in a way that did not induce panic. Turned left, then right. Waited for a familiar road name. Saw a few farms, and too many industrial parks.

Felt alright to get away for a couple of hours.


BrownSugar said...

I've never tried their pulled pork, but their ribs are amazing.

Someone Said said...

A bit more than I wanted to eat at the time.