Thursday, March 17, 2011

You See a Blog Post, I See A...

There was a variety of magnificence on stage at Writers' Block last night. Post WoW there's been some discussion about the 'safety' of slam and poetry venues. I do not think any bar or place where the general public is invited is a safe place. A comfortable place, yes. A familiar place, yes. But not safe.

There was bravery as a poet came out on the mike. There was acceptance this poet perhaps could not get anywhere else, than at WB.

There was booing and thumbs down after one poet read. There was a drunk poet. There was a non-drinking poet. There were Girl Scout Cookies.

There was agreement after another read a strong piece about the confederate flag.

And there was what may have been the best first poem I've heard. This guy went on some Nintendo Red Bull fueled all nighter of Grand Theft Auto and proceeded to mow down the universe. "You see an old woman. I see a nude woman in her prime." "You see a complex mathematical equation, I see blow jobs. You see an apple, I see blow jobs," and on and on. It was very impressive.

Afterward, there was a political discussion about political protesting. It got heated. No one got hurt.

You see a poetry reading, I see blow jobs. Yes, it writes itself some nights.

I love what we do.


Anonymous said...

And people wonder why some women feel uncomfortable in the live poetry community.

Someone Said said...
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Someone Said said...

Comfortable to come out on stage, but you see what you wish anon.