Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Irwin Allen Thought of this, Right

So there's this ginourmous earthquake, it's followed up by a massive tsunami that killed more people than the earthquake. You see, the people prepared for the quake. The buildings were structurally sound, the people knew how to deal with a quake. But the tsunami, on top of the quake, that was too much.

However there is this nuclear power plant near the coast that got messed up by not only the earthquake but the tsunami as well. No one was prepared for the back up power to fail. Disaster scenarios and models did not pick up those developments. So a team of about fifty people were left there to try and put out the fires in the nuclear plant, risking their lives due to massive exposure to untold amounts of radiation which may or may not have already contaminated the area.

How would anyone be able to live through these events? Thousands dead, hundreds of thousands displaced, your land potentially unusable for generations.

Puts Ohio's budget situation into perspective.