Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Everyone is ok

Some mofo cut me off on I-70 as I was going onto to 315 this morning. I had to stop short to avoid hitting the idiot and I got rear ended. My son was in the car too. The back door of the wagon is shot. Bumper is messed up. Again, no one was hurt - and it's why I drive a Volvo. You should see the car that hit me, had to be towed. The Volvo is still drive-able.

Now I'm dealing with the insurance companies and wondering how much I'll be inconvenienced by an idiot who was not paying attention on the highway.

I'm sure there will be more on this later. Got a good poetic rant about it at least.

Again, the important thing is that no one, not my son, me, or the driver of the car that hit me, was hurt.

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Anonymous said...

Very glad you and N (and the other driver) are fine.

- nammu