Monday, December 27, 2010

It Could Have Been Worse

Spent a fair amount of time and money in three repair shops on Thursday and Today. When you buy a used car, cheap, it's going to be far from perfect. First I had the brakes fixed, this morning the exhaust and in the afternoon I had the thermostat replaced.

The car now stops, sounds quiet and has amazing heat. There are a few more things that need to be taken care of, but not yet. Probably after we return from our trip east in two weeks.

Hoping we have better weather than what's been going on the past couple of weekends. Long Island got socked with snow. Luckily one of my brothers and nephew helped dig my parents out. They're not getting younger, and my stepfather has a bad shoulder that prohibits him from a lot of physical activity. So I worry.

Tomorrow, my oldest brother turns fifty - and I'm right behind him.

Going to combine this entry with a list of the books I read this year. I did read a few more than this, but they were lost to bad memory and a failed hard drive. Not time to give lengthy reviews, but if you see three stars it means the book was very good. Four stars is a superior read. No stars means I got through it, but it was nothing special.

So here's the list of the books I read in 2010.

1) We're Going to See the Beatles. Garry Berman. 284 p.
2) Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend. Larry Tye. 392 p.
3) A Couple of Ways of Doing Something. Chuck Close, Bob Holman
4) No Poet's Corner in the Abbey - David Phillips. 222 p.
5) The Horse Boy - Rupert Isaacson.357 p. ***
6) Tooth and Nail. Ian Rankin. 290 p. ***
7) Words in Your Face. Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz. 371 p. ***
8) Open: An Autobiography. Andre Agassi. 385 p. ***
9) Corn Flakes with John Lennon. Robert Hilburn. 296 p.
10) Just Kids. Patti Smith. 278 p. ***
11) Sakura Park. Rachel Wetzteon. 115 p.
12) Marriage and Other Acts of Charity. Kate Braestrup. 217 p.
13) Au Revoir to All That: Food, Wine and the End of France. Michael Sternberger. 243 p.
14) Point Omega. Don Delillo. 117 p.
15) As it was Written. Sujatha Hampton. 370 p.
16) Me, the Mob and the Music. Tommy James with Martin Fitzpatrick. 227 p.
17) Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea. Barbara Demick. 314 p. ***
18) Marilyn Johnson - This Book is Overdue. How Libraries and Cybrarians Can Save Us All. 272 p.
19) The United States of Poetry. 176 p.
20) Secret Historian - The Life & Times of Samuel Steward. Justin Spring. 478 p. **** (best non-fiction)
21) The Half Life of Planets. Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin. 247 p. ***
22) You Lost Me There. Rosencrans Baldwin. 296 p. ***
23) Eaarth. Bill McKibben. 253 p. ***
24) Lay the Favorites - A Memoir of Gambling. Beth Rayner. 228 p.
25) Pat Conroy - My Reading History. 337 p. ***
26) Emma Donaguhe - Room. 321 p. **** (best fiction)
27) Keith Richards - Life. 564 p. ***
28) Patricia Smith - Big Towns, Big Talk. 114 p.
29) Maus Book 1. Art Spiegelman. 158 p. ****
30) Great House. Nicole Krauss. 289 p.
31) Gold Medal Killer. Diana Britt Franklin. 210 p.
32) Pat Benatar - Between a Rock and a Hard Place. 256 p. ***
33) The Passage - Justin Cronin. 784 p.
34) The Outside Boy - Jeanine Cummins. 384 p.
35) Willie Mays: The Life, the Legend - James S. Hirsch. 640 p. ***
36) The Autism Mom's Survival Guide (For Dad's Too) - Susan Senator. 208 p. ***
37) Ian Rankin - Strip Jack. 320 p. ***
38) This Body of Death - Elizabeth George. 692 p. ***
39) Tooth and Nail - Ian Rankin. 304 p.
40) A Good Hanging - Ian Rankin. 253 p.
41) Little Bee - Chris Cleave. 304 p.
42) The Emptiness of Our Hands: A Lent Lived on the Streets - Phyllis Cole-Dai & James Murray. 243 p. ***
43) The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron - Howard Bryant. 624 p. ***
44) Shutout - Brendan Halpin. 189 p.
45) Paul Murray - Skippy Dies. 672 p. ***
46) Super Sad True Love Story - Gary Shteynegert.. 352 p. ***
47) Medium Raw - Anthony Bourdain. 304 p.
48) Poisoner's Handbook - Deborah Blum. 336 p. ***
49) Just Like Someone Without Mental Illness Only More So - Mark Vonnegut. 203 p.
50) Wilson - Daniel Clowes - 77 p.
51) How to Read the Air - Dinaw Mengestu - 305 p.
52) Voices of Autism: The Healing Companion: Stories for Courage, Comfort and Strength. 243 p.
53) Solar - Ian McEwan. 304 p. 480 p.
54) Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition. Daniel Okrent.
55) An Object of Beauty - Steve Martin. 304 p. ***
56) Stephen King - Full Dark, No Stars. 368 p. ***
57) The Walking Dead Volume One - Robert Kirkham and Tony Moore
58) Jennifer Egan - A Visit from the Goon Squad. 288 p.
59) Ian Rankin - The Black Room. 336 p.


Mary said...

It looks like you went on a bit of an Ian Rankin kick in 2010, and yet most of them got no stars. Surprised you kept going after a couple.

Someone Said said...

Some of the Rebus books are better than others. I like the character and his complexities. Going to continue.

Steve Finnell said...

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