Friday, December 10, 2010

From the Finals Stage to Dead Last

The Individual Poetry Slam is happening in Charlotte this week. Results are posted here. Click on the results link for the scores and updates. A lot of familiar names in the mix. Local poet Will Evans is in the top ten and Vernell Bristow is in the middle of the pack.

Looking at tonight, bout number twelve is where I'd reserve my seat. There are going to be some fierce battles for spots on the finals stage. Nothing is decided until it's over!

Had a bit of a health issue the past couple of weeks. Went to the doctor Wednesday and he tends to think it's a condition called BPPV. I've been lightheaded especially when going into and out of bed. Sudden head movements cause the room to spin. Bed spins while sober can be a bit terrifying, you think the bed is going to flip over on you. I'm feeling better, not because I've started the exercises, yet, but getting an extra firm pillow really helped. I shift a lot when I sleep and there were no bouts of dizziness last night. Felt more secure getting out of bed this morning too.

Dusting of snow on the ground today. Not sure what the weekend weather will be but it has to be easier than the nearly four feet that fell on my friends in Western New York. Even in Scotland, where nine inches fell in Glasgow, I worry that my Father-in-Law may have to eat his sled dogs.

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