Saturday, December 18, 2010

Whoop ti do, Subaru

Getting gifts for my autistic son is a challenge. Thought I was clever last year by getting him a tent/tunnel. He rarely used it, then trashed it before spring. He also has a wobble board I thought he'd really dig for the balance and lights. Another mistake, he is afraid to stand on it.

What he's been playing with most is a bank I made from a pint of Jeni's Ice Cream by putting a slit in the lid. Cost: ten bucks plus about fifty cents in change.

Don't want to get him a video. That's too easy. Looking for him to be engaged, in something, a little bit. Sure, I'm probably projecting what I want him to do. Walking by the bikes and the toy department in Target is hard, especially during this time of year. All the can'ts and what ifs swell around in your head, along with the piped in Christmas music.

I went into Giant Eagle to get food yesterday and heard Psychotic Reaction by Count Five. That'll put anyone in the holiday spirit!

Santa's on fire though. The tree is decorated. Some presents are wrapped. It's not all gloom!

Have not heard back from the insurance company yet. Waiting to see if they will repair the car or total it. Not looking forward to that offer, I'm sure it will not be enough to cover the cost of a decent used car. Regardless, to get the feel of what's out there I went to a few dealerships on my side of town. Got a better feeling from one, established, used car place with a couple of vehicles that looked good on the outside. What's under the hood is more pressing though. Don't want a car that's going to explode a week after purchase.

Going to try and get motivated to work on Christmas cards, wish me luck!


Link said...

Why not look into getting him some percussion shakers? They're fairly inexpensive, have a similar effect as the bank, but the drawback is if he shatters one (very hard to do, but possible)'s one hell of a mess!

Someone Said said...

He has those too Link, and a tambourine - they're collecting dust.