Wednesday, December 29, 2010

People who worked and suffered and struggled for fame

I've enjoyed reading Scott Woods' recap of his year in poetry. Don't know if I can do a top ten, but I think I can go back and pull of few of the most memorable moments down. Give me a day or two.

Headed back to work after a six day vacation. The child goes back to school on Monday. Not a moment too soon. He was bouncing off the walls from about six yesterday morning to ten at night. At least he slept without interruption.

Here's a list of all the movies I saw this year. They're not ranked. If I hated any of them I would have mentioned that already. Ok, I hated Hamlet 2. A few might be missing due to the hard drive failure but most of them are here. It's a pathetic list, but I don't get out to see movies as much as I used to, and I suffer through a lot of Blue Jackets games. Time in which it could be said would be better spent watching a good film.

Film 2010

1) I've Loved You So Long
2) The Horse Boy
3) What's Up Doc?
4) How to Draw a Bunny
5) Slamnation
6) In the Loop
7) The Crowd (1928)
8) Midnight Cowboy
9) The Hangover
10) District 9
11) The Reader
12) Kill Bill Part One
13) Kill Bill Part 2
14) The A-Team
15) The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo
16) The Art of the Steal
17) Dumbo
18) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
19) Hot Fuzz
20) Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World
21) Matinee
22) Crazy Heart
23) Au hasard balthazar
24) Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne
25) Sherlock Jr.
26) Horse Feathers
27) Duck Soup
28) Second Chances
29) Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
30) Inception
31) This Mortal Coil
32) To Be or Not To Be
33) The Kinks: You Really Got Me
34) Black White + Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff + Robert Mapplethorpe
35) The Sting
36) The Kid
37) Anvil - The True Story of Anvil
38) The Girl Who Played With Fire
39) The Girl Who Kicked in the Hornet's Nest
40) Where the Wild Things Are
41) Hamlet 2
42) A State of Mind
43) The Great Santini
44) 101 Dalmations
45) Toy Story 3
46) Peter Pan (1953)
47) Black Swan
48) Red


Anonymous said...

You saw way more movies that I did - and you're life is far busier than mine!

- nammu

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you can remember all these movies. I can hardly remember what I saw a few days ago.

Someone Said said...

I write them down. My wife reminded me we saw Red too.