Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thought I Knew it All Baby

Teena Marie died today at the age of 54. She was Madonna before Madonna. A white woman who was quite funky.

I always liked playing that one.

Just turned off the television after the Blackhawks went on top of the Blue Jackets 3-0. This team could not score in a bordello with pockets stuffed with $100 bills. Coach Arniel has to be scratching his head, a lot, wondering what he got himself into in his rookie season as a head coach in the NHL. A team that has little offense, no talent on defense and a goaltender who developed the hockey equivalent of Steve Blass Syndrome.

What to do about this team? No idea. Upper level management, above GM Scott Howson even, needs to be reassessed and possibly replaced, as does the scouting system. Does ownership really care about this team being in Columbus after John McConnell died? People are not paying to see this team play and can you blame them?

In the short term this team needs a shake up, one that can be started by replacing captain Rick Nash with R.J. Umberger. Nash needs to concentrate on scoring. Period. Umberger hates to lose and I think he has the ability to be accountable on the ice and make sure his teammates are as well.

There's very little in the farm system. A lot of bodies, undeveloped young talent, and little else. You can say a trade is needed, but the team has little to offer. It could be ten out of eleven seasons that the Blue Jackets do not make the playoffs, a sad display of a sadder franchise.

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