Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going a Bit Deep

Such a fantastic notion has been formed in our culture; one that has been manipulated to believe that the rich are poor and need more and the poor are rich and have too much.

My son is not human. How he can survive on little sleep, get knocked out to have dental work done and still stay up until one thirty in the morning is astonishing. This kid can power a neighborhood.

He had a lot of cavities filled in, and was not happy coming out of the anesthesia. Scary and sad to watch, poor guy - and the over bearing nurse who assumed way too much about what my son does for activities and eats for starters, would not shut the hell up. I know she has a job to do, but if she got any closer she would have been behind us.

The insurance company made me a low, but ultimately fair offer on the Volvo and I made a commitment to buy a 1993 Subaru Legacy Wagon.

The Subaru has some issues. There's a leak in the exhaust that is easily repairable and the brakes are going to need some work. I offered to pay "X" amount in cash and the dealer agreed. Should be picking it up tomorrow.

What is sleep again?


bantling said...

I love my Legacy wagon. I had to make some much needed repairs to it about 11 months ago, but it's been running good since then. The thing goes like a tank in the snow and that's a feature I really need to have on the hill I live on. Congratulations on your purchase, and I hope you get as many happy years from your wagon as I have from mine.

Someone Said said...

What year is yours? Is it AWD? I just have FWD.

Brakes and exhaust are fixed. Now the thermostat and I hope hope hope that is it for awhile...

bantling said...

Mine's a 2000. It is an AWD. I bought it in 2004 or 2005. The biggest issue I have with it is that there was a recall involving the head on the motor. I had the head repaired once when it was still under warranty, and again this past year. The head repair wasn't that much really, about $400 - less than what it cost me to get the rear wiper motor replaced. But those older Subarus are awesome, and you have less mileage on yours than I currently have on mine.

Someone Said said...

My rear wiper does not work at all, unless I have not figured it out yet. The pump back there works though. Not going to worry too much about that, yet. There's a wheel bearing that need to be replaced.