Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Day of Now What

It’s been kind of sad, watching the internet hate fly around the past couple of days. There’s nothing approaching closure going on, not while troops are still on the ground, looking for more thumb drives in homes with no internet or phone access.

What I’ve really been doing is watching the story take on Jessica Lynch-like spin.

WB had a couple of poems about the death of Bin Laden last night. I thought the over/under would be three. The Chet claims to have written one before his death, we will not know if he will not read it.

Before the night started a friend mentioned reading my blog last month and with the April 2011 project ending this blog was back to the “thoughts.”

I never once said this place would be specializing in anything, admitted that it would be all over the place from the beginning. I have kept it drama free for over two years since the craziness of Live Journal and I am proud of that accomplishment. Themes are tough, be they poetry, music or otherwise.

Scott Woods has a new chapbook out called, "The Livingston Avenue Suite,” which he read at his latest 24 hour marathon. I was not there when he read it so I’m excited to read it this weekend. I took a peek, holy crap there’s a Chinese Astrology chart in there. What did he do to it I wonder? Quantities are limited.

I do have some thoughts about the new My Morning Jacket record. Want to give it another spin before fully forming them. There may be writing this weekend, also working on the Arts Fest set.

First up, while it’s sunny, fixing the chip in the windshield.


mike said...

One of the first things I thought about as the bin Laden story broke was how the whole Jessica Lynch thing played out, and hoped it wouldn't be the same.

Someone Said said...

I'm sitting back and being mostly quiet about this story. It's changing, and in unpleasant ways. I'm sure Bin Laden is dead, and if he was merely captured, he is in a place where he would wish he were dead.