Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Administrative Things

I look at the stats that bring people here from time to time. To see who is reading, from where and for how long. Someone in Australia gave a good once over to this blog, as did someone from Lockport, New York. I do not know anyone in Vermont, but thanks for reading.

I'm very confused about the search keywords concering "(Columbus Poet) sexy pics" but thanks for coming, I think. A picture of Sophia Loren has also been bringing people in. Here's another.

Weiner mobile still brings them in and "I Do the Chet" is a popular magnet.

Wherever you come from and however you get here thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed your stay. Do come back soon, and please leave a comment.


Aubrey said...

Those keyword searches are one of the best parts of having a blog. Someone found me recently by looking for "mr night owl deadly ponies." I spent an ungodly amount of time wondering if that was some kind of band name or whether Mr. Night Owl leads a gang of ninja equines.

Someone Said said...

Mr. night owl deadly ponies is poetic, and better than Dave Wakeling quit smoking!