Monday, May 23, 2011

Not Electric or Authentic Enough

Small things set me back. A computer problem at worked slowed me down, made me feel like time was wasted. Today is probably going to be taken up by waiting for the problem to be resolved It wore me down when it happened and the day ahead wears me out thinking about it.

My son is obsessed with the covers of Veggietales DVDs and bouncing on a yoga ball. Slowing down is not how he operates. Full blast, bouncing on the yoga ball. Watching him saps my energy.

The chalazion on my eyelid seems to be getting a little smaller. Heat on it does not completely remove it. The leaking has slowed down so my eye is not as fused shut in the morning. I'd like it to be lanced or cut out on Friday as drugs did not work the last time.

Why am I not capable of building my own pedestal to shout my praises from or proclaim myself as a deity? Maybe I'll change my Facebook name. Post links, shake my fist at them and not follow anything up, like a good keyboard warrior.

On that note, I really need a vacation.

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