Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tasks and More

Woke up at an unearthly hour to have my exhaust system looked at. It's been making some odd noises. At first they were skeptical, but then a couple of other people got under the car and listened. Agreement was reached. Nuts were tightened, a few tiny holes were sealed and everyone was happy with the quieter car. Once again, I sing praise of Mad Hatter Muffler.

In two weeks I'm having a chalazion removed from my left eyelid. It's been there a few months, has not gone away and it starting to be an annoyance.

Once again, Jeni's Ice Cream has created a masterpiece. A new flavor, Rockmill Golden Ale and Apricots was released yesterday. It is killer. The Belgian style ale meshes perfectly with the cream and fruit. You can taste the carbonation of the beer in the texture. An amazing collaboration between Rockmill, a brewery of authentic (albeit expensive) Belgian ales and Jeni's.

After digging a hole in the backyard yesterday, the reasons why will be revealed soon, we enjoyed our ice cream, then some Vihno Verde, while listening to Radio Amsterdam. A song came on which I did not recognize, but my Scottish Wife came bouncing out of the kitchen.

It was a song by Scott Walker.

A Jacques Brel number of whores, opium dens and depravity that was quite racy for 1967. I found the record it was on and listened to that, liked it. The was another Jacques Brel number he covered called Next that was even crazier. I found the video on youtube and read in the comments that a guy named Alex Harvey did it better, so I found that.

I had never heard of this guy before. Holy shit, this guy was a performer. Hell, the whole band is amazing. How many bands had a guitarist in mime makeup?!? Before you know who, that is.

I see that Harvey died in 1982, such a shame. This band's live act had to be legendary. Check out their cover of Delilah.

I was in hysterics watching this. My wife wondered what was going on. She never told me about this group of Glasweigans.

Even if you think you have heard it all, and I do not, you have not. There is always something new out there, even it's it's a Scottish glam group from the 1970's.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's good stuff! Not that I thought I'd heard or seen everything, but for sure you've shown me something I had no idea about. (It's fascinating that Scott Walker was drawn to material like that, btw.)

Vicki (daisyd)

Someone Said said...

Glad you liked that Vicki. Pretty amazing performer I knew nothing about a day ago.

Tricia said...

I linked over from Colin's site and just had the most enjoyable time reading through your very entertaining blog. Really fun stuff here.

Cool Scott Walker track. I only have Black Sheep Boy, which I love.

Btw, chalazions stink. Had one about 20 years ago and still remember the unpleasantness of it all. Good luck.

And that ice cream...YUM. Sounds really good.

Someone Said said...

Tricia, thanks for reading. My eyelid's all swollen now. Going to be a long two weeks.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jeni's. Best ice cream anywhere.