Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Parts is Parts

It took all day but this phase of the car repair is completed. I take it to a place that tells you everything wrong with the car, and it is depressing seeing such a long list. Tires, water pump (and all its accessories), rotors, all adds up to a money pit of suck.

What is disturbing is that I was told Part-A, which I paid to have fixed elsewhere earlier this year, is still messed up. I'm trying to process how to handle this one. Maybe the part went bad because if it was not looked at and I still paid for it, that is beyond alarming.

Even more disturbing is that my son's mother brought him to me yesterday morning without a coat. She said he does not have one. Really? What I put in his backpack on Wednesday is not a coat? 45 degrees yesterday morning and she did not put a coat on him. Children's services would be called on me if I did that.

My eye is still a leaky mess. Going to be a long ten days.

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