Sunday, May 15, 2011

There is always indoors.

It would not surprise me if I were to go to the ER before the 27th and beg to have this thing removed from my eye. Going on an eye and a half at times is no fun. Yes, I do not have cancer or a brain injury, yet this is interfering with my daily activities. My sight is bad enough without this chalazion warping my eyelid.

Reading. is difficult. Work, is tedious. Typing this, is hazy. Open mic might be out of the question this week, which means I miss participating in the rap slam. At least I should be healed up by Arts Fest.

Supposed to sit on a porch and drink wine in a bit. Fifty degrees and rain, this should be grand.

Tomorrow morning the car goes to the shop for repair. Some work needs to be done on the front end. These were all known issues; ball joints, a possible axle, the alternator belt needs tightening. Maybe they'll take my left eyelid instead of an arm and a leg.

I'm going to go shake my fist at god now, tell him to get off my lawn or start mowing it.

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