Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When You're Not Invited Anywhere, Make Your Own Fun

Yesterday my Scottish Wife and I celebrated our second anniversary. She cleaned the kitchen, I mowed the lawn. We watched N. bounce around on the yoga ball all day. Too hot to go out. We're having a celebratory anniversary/her birthday (which is Monday) on Thursday night at Alana's.

A lot of poetry is going to be starting June off. Tomorrow night at Writers' Block there will be a Haiku Death Match. Eight poets enter the ring with their haiku, there is hari-kari, one poet will be crowned champion. Simple, right? All that plus the usual shenanigans and the continuation of the race war. Starts at eight at Kafe Kerouac.

On Saturday is the Columbus Arts Festival. The Poetry Tent will be hopping all day. I'm reading at 2:20 with a twenty minute set. Here is the complete schedule. Make your plans, see all the poets cooler than me. Drink plenty of fluids, it's going to be a warm day and it's a sauna in the tent!

Coming up on Sunday is the another installment of The Language of Art. The opening is at 2:30 and the poetry reading is at 3:30. I really enjoyed taking part in this event last year and this year promises to be great as well.

Last week of school for my son. Em's being great looking after him while all this is going on this weekend, and I'm working on Sunday before the reading. It's busy, he starts day camp for the summer on the 13th. We're less than three months from our trip to Scotland.

No picture of Sophia Loren today. I should make that a feature of this blog, she has brought a lot of traffic here.

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